What parents say about us....

“We were supremely happy with our experience at the Mercy Center of the Arts. Specifically, the teachers! They are amazing, patient, and inspiring. Our daughter loves school and one of the reasons, I think, is because she had such a positive experience in preschool at the Mercy Center of the Arts.”

-Ruth and Edward Jolie


“Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the time with her excellent teachers and kind friends at the Mercy Center. It’s an atmosphere that she loved being a part of, and one which clearly stimulates a lifelong love of learning!”

                -Edward and Ruth Jolie


“The experience at Mercy Center of the Arts is unlike anything in Erie County. The hands-on projects, integration of the arts, and interactive music program set it apart from other local schools. My daughter loved her time at Mercy Center of the Arts, and we wished that she could have attended for another year. Luckily, she is able to return in the summers for the fantastic, week-long, arts infused camp.”

                -Ashley Sullivan


“Mercy Center of the Arts has been such a blessing to our children. Our son completed 2 years with them and is excelling now in Elementary School. Our daughter is in her final year (which makes us sad to be leaving MCA) and we know that with the foundation from MCA, she will do wonderful in Kindergarten. The staff is incredibly kind and caring and we could not be happier with our decision to send our children to MCA. Every time we hear that someone is looking for a preschool program for their child, we are sure to tell them about MCA!”

-Gina DiLuzio, LSW


“We love Mercy Center of the Arts! We have had two of our children attend preschool there. One of the greatest things Mercy Center of the Arts offers is that the children get to move to three different classes throughout the day which include math/science, art, and music/dramatic movement. We love that the children are able to have variety throughout the morning. All of the teachers are incredible and offer fun and unique teaching styles. Our daughter has been very successful in kindergarten this year and we know that it is because of the great skills she was taught at Mercy Center of the Arts. If you want a school that offers more than traditional flash cards and ABC's and teachers that truly love your children, then this is the place for you!”

                -Matti Weaver


“I often tell people that Mercy Center of the Arts is "my happy place". I cannot say enough good things about this preschool. When we were looking for the perfect fit for our son 3 years ago we began touring all of the open houses. After going to a few I didn't have the "this is it!" feeling and was wondering if I ever would. That is until we stepped foot into Mercy Center of the Arts. I instantly knew this was where our son would be going and he was just as excited as I was. As soon as you walk in you get the warm fuzzy welcome feeling and it is a place you want to be. The three separate rooms all offer so much to the inquisitive minds that walk through their doors. My son was just mesmerized. He began his first year there and I can't tell you how many times I would say to my husband "One of our best parenting decisions we ever made". His sister started up with him the following year and it was double the fun. Not only is it amazing to see your children love to go to school and have that excitement, but Mercy Center also allows for so much more. Allowing parents and grandparents to attend school with the children to see what a "day in their shoes" is like was so special to all of us. The parent meet and greet nights just to see what is going on and to tour the rooms was equally as nice. One thing that meant the absolute most to us was when Ms. Bauschard checked in with us this school year just to   see how our son was doing in Kindergarten. It just speaks volumes about the love and care that the children at this school are given. Our twin daughters will attend next year and I look forward to visiting "my happy place" again soon.”

                -Mary Marnella


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